The Essential Puppy Training Course

This all-new course is now available as part of the Top Dog Academy or as a stand-alone course you may purchase for a one-time fee

Dunbar Dog Training Principles

We can teach YOU how to train your dog, and have oodles of fun in the process! Regardless of your level of experience we have the tools and techniques you need to train a well-behaved dog.

  • EASY – Our methods do not require advanced handling skills, expert timing or endless patience

  • EFFECTIVE – Our methods work, and they work as quickly as possible. We know because we test them constantly, by playing training games!

  • ENJOYABLE – Dog training (like most things in life) should be FUN! For you, and your dog!

What people are saying

“I am a long-time reasonably savvy dog owner, and I have read a lot of books on dog behavior and training, but Dunbar Academy is the single most valuable resource I have found - a one-stop treasure trove of information, wisdom and experience. My biggest regret is that I didn’t know all this before I bought my GSD.”

David V.

“I absolutely love you guys. I am super excited and I have learned so much from your courses. I am finding so much helpful information. Thank you so much for making this affordable. I may be a lifetime member. Thank you again. Keep doing what you are doing. ”

Carrie V.

“All of the information here and within Top Dog Academy is just absolutely epic, if I had the focus and time availability I'd learn from your website 24 hours a day! I wish I'd found it earlier in my life but I'm certainly going to make the most of it now. Everything you say makes so much sense, with the perfect level of explanation, terminology and instruction being used, along with humor to make you smile. This learning is giving me the confidence and answers that I've sought for so long...”

Melanie V.

“The Essential Puppy course is absolutely wonderful! In the best Dunbars' traditions. It is very thoughtfully designed. The guidelines are crystal clear and precise. Kelly's demonstrations are immensely helpful and Jamie's summaries are very pointed. The comments that are provided in writing are absolutely valuable and quizzes help to run a good self-estimate of what I learn. I can't THANK YOU all enough for this work! ”

Olga B.

“The first half of the puppy course has been phenomenal. It all makes so much sense and you both explain and demonstrate things beautifully. I’m a first-time dog owner and was actually quite stressed about doing things right. Now we’re both feeling excited and confident. Heartfelt thanks to you all 😊”

Chris G.

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