Dog Lover's Library

Dog Lover's Library

Learn How to Train the Perfect Pet Dog and Resolve Any Behavior Problem

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Dogs need to be well-trained if they are going to live a happy and healthy life in a human home. Fortunately, good dog training is incredibly fun, it works very well and it builds a loving relationship between you and your dog. 

Ideally, dog training should be seamlessly integrated with all aspects of your dog's life. It's a life-long process. No one can do it for you, and no one should, you'd be missing out on many of the best aspects of living with a dog.

This library contains everything you need to learn how to train your dog well. You'll learn science-based dog training methods that are easy, fun and effective. You'll learn how to communicate with your dog and motivate your dog, so they understand what you tell them and sincerely want to do what you ask of them. We cover all stages of dog training, from before you even select a new puppy or dog, through puppy training, adolescent and adult dog training. 

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You'll learn how to teach your dog to understand useful instructions, and how to motivate them so that they follow your instructions reliably, even in the presence of exciting distractions, and without developing a dependance on training tools or food treats. You'll learn how to teach your dog to perform the following behaviors on cue:

  • Sit, Stand & Down
  • Come, Stay & Follow
  • Off, Take It & Thank You
  • Go To Your Bed
  • Speak & Shush
  • & Much More...

You'll also learn how to modify your dog's temperament, training them to be calm and confident in any situation, around any people, animals, or objects. You'll be able to help your dog if they are having problems with:

  • Fighting with other dogs
  • Aggression towards people
  • Anxieties & Phobias

You'll learn how to correct your dog's misbehavior without scaring or hurting them. You'll learn how to redirect them towards behaviors that are appropriate, and take control of when, where, and how your dog performs the typical doggy behaviors that can become problematic, such as:

  • Housesoiling
  • Excessive Barking
  • Destructive Chewing
  • Running Away
  • Chasing
  • Jumping Up
  • Hyperactivity

These problems can seriously undermine quality of life and significantly sour the relationship between people and their dogs. Tragically, if they aren't addressed, these problems often result in a dog being surrendered to a shelter and possibly even euthanized.

This library contains all the information you need (hours of videos and podcasts plus two ebooks) to prevent these behaviors from becoming problems in the first place. You'll also learn the training techniques you'll need to fix any problematic behaviors that do arise. 

If you are thinking of getting a dog, or you already have a dog and you wish they behaved better, now is the time to act! 

Give your dog the education they deserve!
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About the Instructor

Dr. Ian Dunbar is one of the world's most respected experts on dog training and behavior. He grew up on a farm, training cows, chickens and yes, dogs. He received his veterinary degree from the Royal Veterinary College (London University and his doctorate from the University of California, Berkeley. 

In 1982, he designed and taught the world's very first off-leash puppy and socialization classes – SIRIUS® Puppy Training. Subsequently, he created and developed the San Francisco SPCA's Animal Behavior Department, the American Kennel Club's Gazette "Behavior" column, which he wrote for seven years, and the K9 GAMES®

In 1993, he founded the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. With over 5000 members in 48 countries the APDT has grown to be the world's largest association of dog trainers.

He has authored numerous books and videos, including five seasons of Dogs with Dunbar, a popular television program in the UK.

He has given over one thousand seminars and workshops around the world and has been instrumental in the rise of reward-based, fun and games, scientifically sound dog training methods.

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