Does your dog have a behavior problem? Do they soil the house? Chew or otherwise destroy furniture or clothing? Bark excessively or get into trouble while you're away?

Does your dog have problems with fearfulness, or aggression towards other dogs or people?

Is your dog hyperactive? To they jump up or hump? Do they run away, steal objects or refuse to come when called? Do they pull on leash? Bark or whine?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, this course is for you. This course contains simple, easy-to-use solutions for these problems. Use our dog-friendly, science-based, fun & games training methods to improve the quality of life for you and your dog by eliminiating or redirecting unwanted behaviors. 

Course curriculum

    1. VIDEO LESSON - Introducing the Behavior Problems Flow Chart

    2. QUIZ – Introduction

    3. VIDEO LESSON - How to Use Food in Training

    4. QUIZ – Food in Training

    1. VIDEO LESSON - Household Training Overview

    2. VIDEO LESSON - Chew Toy Training

    3. QUIZ – Chew Toy Training

    4. Learn More about Household Training Problems in the Top Dog Academy

    1. VIDEO LESSON - Temperament Training Overview

    2. VIDEO LESSON - Basic Classical Conditioning

    3. VIDEO LESSON - Progressively Desensitizing Your Dog's Body Parts

    4. VIDEO LESSON - Desensitizing Your Dog To Valued Objects

    5. QUIZ – Basic Classical Conditioning

    6. Learn More about Temperament Training in the Top Dog Academy

    1. VIDEO LESSON – Obedience Training Super Sit Overview

    2. VIDEO LESSON - Lure Reward Training

    3. VIDEO LESSON - Wait & Reward Training

    4. QUIZ – Putting Behaviors on Cue

    5. Learn More about Obedience Training – Super Sit in the Top Dog Academy

    1. VIDEO LESSON – More Obedience Skills to Resolve Common Problems

    2. VIDEO LESSON – Putting Behavior Problems on Cue

    3. QUIZ – Obedience Training – Other Skills

    4. VIDEO LESSON – Settle Down with Wait & Reward Training

    5. VIDEO LESSON – Jazz Up & Settle Down with Lure-Reward Training

    6. QUIZ – Settle Down (+ Jazz Up)

    7. Learn More about How To Resolve Behavior Problems in the Top Dog Academy

    1. Introduction & Flow Chart

    2. Using Food in Training

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