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If your dog is not behaving the way you would like them to, NOW is the time to do something about it. These problems don't get better on their own, they get worse. If you want your dog's behavior to improve you need easy, effective, and enjoyable dog training techniques.

Sign up for the Behavior Problems Compendium and learn how to resolve all of the most common dog behavior problems with fun methods that will improve your dog's behavior and let you get back to enjoying life with your dog!

Please Note: There is one type of behavior problem that the Behavior Problems Compendium is not suitable for: dangerous aggression.

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The Easy Way to Solve Behavior Problems

We evaluate all dog training techniques based on three main criteria: Ease of Use, Effectiveness, and Enjoyability. That's right, our methods are FUN, for you and your dog!

  • Easy. Our methods are so simple you don't need experience or special skills. Anyone can use our dog training methods.

  • Effective. Our methods are science-based so you'll see measurable progress immediately.

  • Enjoyable. Our methods are so much fun to use that you and your dog will both love training together!

Everything you need to know about dog behavior problems in one course

The Behavior Problems Compendium consists of two main parts. 

The first part is the Behavior Problems Crash Course. It provides a clear explanation for the entire world of dog behavior problems. In the Behavior Problems Crash Course you will learn about the three main types of problems and the three main types of training techniques you'll use to resolve these problems. Go through this section from beginning to end to get a well-rounded understanding of how to solve all of your dog's behavior problems.

The second part of the Behavior Problems Compendium consists of 18 sections, each one about a specific behavior problem. Each section includes an introductory video that explains the 3 most useful training techniques for this specific problem as well as a variety of additional content that is relevant to that problem. This makes it incredibly easy to find all the information you need about any given problem.

Check back regularly as we are currently working on adding new content to this course.

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    1. The Behavior Problems Crash Course Section

    1. VIDEO LESSON - Introducing the Behavior Problems Flow Chart

    2. QUIZ – Introduction

    3. VIDEO LESSON - How to Use Food in Training

    4. QUIZ – Food in Training

    1. VIDEO LESSON - Household Training Overview

    2. VIDEO LESSON - Chew Toy Training

    3. QUIZ – Chew Toy Training

    4. VIDEO LESSON - Crate & Playpen Training

    5. QUIZ – Crate & Playpen Training

    6. VIDEO LESSON - Toilet Training

    7. QUIZ – Toilet Training

    1. VIDEO LESSON - Temperament Training Overview

    2. VIDEO LESSON - Is Your Dog Dangerous to People?

    3. VIDEO LESSON - Is Your Dog Dangerous to Other Dogs?

    4. QUIZ – Is Your Dog Dangerous?

    5. VIDEO LESSON - Identifying Your Dog's Fears

    6. QUIZ – Identifying Your Dog's Fears

    7. VIDEO LESSON - Basic Classical Conditioning

    8. VIDEO LESSON - Progressively Desensitizing Your Dog's Body to Handling

    9. VIDEO LESSON - Desensitizing Your Dog To Valued Objects

    10. QUIZ – Basic Classical Conditioning

    11. VIDEO LESSON - Classical Condition Your Dog to Love People

    12. VIDEO LESSON - Fear of Men

    13. VIDEO LESSON - Building Your Dog's Core Social Group

    14. VIDEO LESSON - Meeting Unfamiliar Dogs

    15. QUIZ – Social Classical Conditioning

    16. VIDEO LESSON – Get Professional Help ASAP!

    17. QUIZ – Get Professional Help

    1. VIDEO LESSON – Obedience Training – Super Sit Overview

    2. VIDEO LESSON - Lure Reward Training

    3. VIDEO LESSON - Wait & Reward Training

    4. QUIZ – Reward Training

    5. VIDEO LESSON – Motivate Your Dog with Life Rewards

    6. VIDEO LESSON – Motivate Your Dog with Different Reward Levels

    7. QUIZ – Motivating Your Dog

    8. VIDEO LESSON – Improving Your Dog's Reliability with a Formal Name

    9. VIDEO LESSON – Improving Your Dog's Reliability in the Face of Distance, Duration and Distractions

    10. QUIZ – Improving Reliability

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