The primary purpose of this behavior program is to provide a format and the means for dog trainers to be able to better promote their businesses to other pet professionals, especially breeders, veterinarians and shelters/rescues (the source of puppies/dogs) and to disseminate proactive educational materials to new and especially prospective puppy/dog owners, so that the requisite know-how is in place before people get their puppies/dogs.

Additionally, this program:

1. Provides a bit of a history of dog training back in the day, so that trainers who didn’t experience it firsthand may appreciate how changes in the 80’s revolutionized obedience training — making the art of training a science and creating a separate new field of companion dog training,  

2. Reevaluates present day, reward-based training techniques, and

3. Suggests some changes for dog training and for dog trainers’ education.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Professional Dog Trainer Program

    • Introduction

    • Trainer Behavior Program

    • Promotional Program for Trainers

    • Back in the Day...

    • Evaluating Present Day Reward-Based Training Techniques

    • Some Suggested Changes for Dog Training and Trainer Education?

    • 1. Accelerating and Empowering Classical Conditioning

    • 2. Maximizing the Effectiveness of Luring & Then Phasing out Food Lures

    • 3. Maximizing the Power of Reinforcement

    • 4. Effectively Resolving Misbehavior and Non-Compliance

    • 5. Quantification of Response Reliability & Speed of Training

    • 6. Trainer Education

  • 2

    Top Ten Tips to Become a Successful Dog Trainer

    • 1. What's Common & What's Not

    • 2. What's Dangerous & What's Not

    • 3. Pros and Cons of Different Training Techniques

    • 4. How to Phase out Training Tools

    • 5. Kibble, Not Treats

    • 6. How to Reward Effectively

    • 7. How to Effectively Eliminate Undesirable Behavior

    • 8. Clients are not Trainers

    • 9. People Skills

    • 10. Proactive Promotion & Marketing in the Community

    • Congratulations on Finishing this Course