The primary purpose of this behavior program is to provide a format and the means for dog trainers to be able to better promote their businesses to other pet professionals, especially breeders, veterinarians and shelters/rescues (the source of puppies/dogs) and to disseminate proactive educational materials to new and especially prospective puppy/dog owners, so that the requisite know-how is in place before people get their puppies/dogs.

Additionally, this program:

1. Provides a bit of a history of dog training back in the day, so that trainers who didn’t experience it firsthand may appreciate how changes in the 80’s revolutionized obedience training — making the art of training a science and creating a separate new field of companion dog training,  

2. Reevaluates present day, reward-based training techniques, and

3. Suggests some changes for dog training and for dog trainers’ education.

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Trainer Behavior Program

    3. Promotional Program for Trainers

    4. Back in the Day...

    5. Evaluating Present Day Reward-Based Training Techniques

    6. Some Suggested Changes for Dog Training and Trainer Education?

    7. 1. Accelerating and Empowering Classical Conditioning

    8. 2. Maximizing the Effectiveness of Luring & Then Phasing out Food Lures

    9. 3. Maximizing the Power of Reinforcement

    10. 4. Effectively Resolving Misbehavior and Non-Compliance

    11. 5. Quantification of Response Reliability & Speed of Training

    12. 6. Trainer Education

    1. 1. What's Common & What's Not

    2. 2. What's Dangerous & What's Not

    3. 3. Pros and Cons of Different Training Techniques

    4. 4. How to Phase out Training Tools

    5. 5. Kibble, Not Treats

    6. 6. How to Reward Effectively

    7. 7. How to Effectively Eliminate Undesirable Behavior

    8. 8. Clients are not Trainers

    9. 9. People Skills

    10. 10. Proactive Promotion & Marketing in the Community

    11. Congratulations on Finishing this Course

About this course

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