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Resolve Your Dog's Reactivity Problem

So You Can Get Back to Enjoying Life Together

Does your dog react in unwanted and uncontrollable ways to specific stimuli? Like other dogs, people, places, or things?

Does your dog bark, growl, lunge, snap, pull on the leash, jump up, or chase in an out-of-control way?

* The data shows that 72–85% of dogs exhibit at least one type of these problem behaviors.

These problems don't get better by themselves, they get worse.

But with the right knowledge and training techniques, you can resolve these problems. It's possible to see measurable improvements in just a single training session, and in a few days, you can make substantial progress.

Empower yourself with the confidence and concepts you need to resolve your dog's reactive behavior and return to enjoying life with your dog.

PLEASE NOTE: This content is not intended for dealing with dangerous dogs who have caused one or more serious bite injuries in the past. These dogs need one-on-one help from a skilled professional who can evaluate them in-person. This content is for dogs who are reactive, but not dangerous.

Your Dog's Reactivity is NOT YOUR FAULT

But it is your responsibility to change it...

Living with a reactive dog can be frustrating and stressful…

You know there's another out-of-control episode just around the corner but you never know when!

It could be while you’re at the dog park and a fight erupts or walking down the street, and your dog begins barking frantically and pulling on the leash at a person, or another dog, or a motorcycle.

Or maybe you don't even know what is triggering your dog's reactivity, you just know that sometimes, they completely lose control.

Too many dog owners make excuses for this sort of behavior. They say barking, lunging, leash-pulling and growling is “just what dog’s do, there's nothing you can do about it..."

And it's true, that is what dogs do. But you CAN do something about it.

And you should!

Because these behaviors are a clear sign that your dog is stressed and suffering. Chronic anxiety and fear is no fun and reactive dogs are just as worried as you are, because they never know when they will be confronted with their greatest fear.

The truth is any dog can develop reactivity due to developmental, environmental and medical reasons. It's very normal and natural for dogs to become reactive, but once you recognize this problem, you need to do something about it.

These problems don't get better on their own, they get worse.

But the methods in our Dog-Dog Reactivity Workshop will take your dog from reactive to relaxed, using techniques that are as easy as they are effective.

Our Methods are Easy, Effective, and Enjoyable!

We evaluate all dog training techniques based on three main criteria: 1- Are they Easy? 2- Are they Effective? 3- Are they Enjoyable? That's right, our methods are FUN, for you and your dog!

  • Easy. Our methods are so simple you don't need experience or special skills. Anyone can use our dog training methods.

  • Effective. Our methods are science-based so you'll see measurable progress immediately.

  • Enjoyable. Our methods are so much fun to use that you and your dog will both love training together!

Without Using Any Corrective Collars or Excessive Force

It's time to leave these harsh techniques in the past and embrace more modern, effective methods.

Using physical force does not effectively address the underlying causes of unwanted behavior, and can also erode the trust and bond between the dog and its owner.

This training bundle is based on the latest science-based techniques that prioritize positive reinforcement and humane methods.

Your dog is your best friend.

They love you unconditionally.

And they should be treated as such!!

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What people are saying

“We can even go in the dog park now! I started with a 6 year old dog who drug me across the road and through a yard while going after another dog. That happened at least 3 times, one resulting in a fairly serious injury to me. After struggling for a month or more I finally came across Dunbar's courses. In about two months of Dunbar's approach, I have a completely different dog. On our walks, I can now seek out challenges for her so she can show me how non-reactive she has become 😁 I can take her anywhere and do anything I want to do. ”

Annie B.

“Fabulous! Loaded with great demonstrations. The notes are fantastic. The explanations were repeated and demonstrated many times to let it really sink in. I would recommend this to any one with a barking and/or lunging dog. ”

Janet B.

“Awesome, helpful, insightful! All of the information here and within Top Dog Academy is just absolutely epic. I wish I'd found it earlier in my life but I'm certainly going to make the most of it now. Everything you say makes so much sense, with the perfect level of explanation, terminology and instruction being used, along with humour to make you smile. This has given me the confidence and answers that I've sought for so long ”

Melanie V.

“An invaluable resource. This was so, so useful to actually be able to see the dogs/handlers in action and be able to freeze and/or replay to watch for any subtle signs/body language. I've joined/listened to lots of webinars and read lots of books etc. about dog to dog reactivity but not had much chance to sit back and observe. Plus the notes and Ian's feedback during the workshop makes this an invaluable resource. Thank you. ”

Emma R.

“Amazingly helpful! What a gift this course and training are to the world and to our pets. Thank you for your life's work, Ian. ”

Susan S.

“Dr. Dunbar is an endless wealth of knowledge about dogs, their behavior, and how to manage the behavior of their humans! Great resource for dog trainers or dog owners wanting to get more out of their relationship with their dog.”

Celia S.

Our Methods Will Work For YOU! 

"But What if..."

  • My dog is too old, too young, too stubborn, too smart, the wrong breed.

    Our methods work for any dog, any age, any breed, regardless of prior training and habits.

  • I don't have dog training skill or experience.

    Our methods are simple and easy to use. You can be lazy, you can be inconsistent and you can still train your dog.

  • I don't have the time to train my dog.

    Our methods will save you time. Think of the time you waste dealing with your dog's behavior problems. Some of our training techniques can produce significant improvements in just a single training session.

  • I don't want to hurt or scare my dog.

    Our methods are enjoyable for you and your dog. We use rewards to reinforce good behavior and redirection to correct the behaviors we don't like.

  • I want my dog to respect me.

    Our methods will allow you to communicate with your dog, teaching and enforcing rules so they understand how to behave and who is the boss. (You!)

  • My dog isn't food motivated.

    Our methods will allow you to train your dog to become food motivated while also harnessing the power of other, far more powerful types of lures and rewards that you can use in training.

There is only one type of dog that this content is not appropriate for:

  • Dangerous Dogs

    This content is not intended for dogs that have ever inflicted a serious bite injury. These dogs need one-on-one help from a professional dog trainer who can evaluate them in-person.

Stop Making Excuses!

Reactivity problems can have such a negative impact on quality of life. They make it hard to truly enjoy life with your dog, and they are often a sign that your dog is living with anxiety and fear.

It can take a long time to completely resolve a dog's reactivity problems, but with the right methods, you can make significant progress in a single session. 

Keep it up for a week and you'll be amazed at the difference you will see. You may not solve the issue entirely, but whatever progress you do make will lead to a vastly improved quality of life with your dog.

If you're not impressed with the progress you make, just let us know within 30 days and we'll give you your money back!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you're not completely satisfied with the Reactive Dog Toolkit just let us know within 30 days and we'll provide a full refund

Course curriculum

    1. Thanks for registering for this course

    2. Overview

    3. Fight History Quesionnaire

    1. Growl Class – Video Notes

    2. Video 1 – How did we get here, and how are we going to fix it?

    3. Video 2 – Building Muscle Memory

    4. Video 3 – Building Your Dog's Confidence Around Other Dogs

    5. Video 4 – Understanding Representative Feedback & Maintaining Bite Inhibition (Group 2 Returns)

    6. Video 5 – Correcting Unwanted Behavior and More

    7. Video 6 – Learning the Jolly Routine

    8. Video 7 – Follow Up Training and Equipment Questions

    9. Video 8 – Q & A and 1st Group Returns

    10. Video 9 – Behavior Pacifiers and Off Leash Walking

    11. Video 10 – More Jolly Routine and Settling (Group 2 Returns)

    12. Video 11 – Capturing, Constructive Commands, and Go Tos

    13. Video 12 – More Q & A

About this course

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  • 16 lessons
  • 6 hours of video content