(This course was previously called the "Growl Class")

These days many people understand the importance of early puppyhood socialization. They take their puppy to group training classes, they introduce their puppies to lots of friends and neighbors and they may even host a puppy party or two. This is a wonderful development and it has done a lot to improve the temperament of countless dogs.

Unfortunately, after this intensive period of early socialization period many owners slack off. They see that their hard work has paid off and that their puppy is friendly and sociable in every situation they find themselves in. What they don't realize is that dogs naturally become more shy and standoffish as they get older. Adolescent and adult dogs develop fears and phobias to stimuli that they aren't continually exposed to.

Keeping your dog well-socialized to other dogs is not so easy, and often this area of their socialization deteriorates the most rapidly. At some point most dogs will get into at least one fight with another dog. Sadly, this often marks the beginning of the end when it comes to their socialization with other dogs. The owners want to avoid future fights so they avoid future opportunities to socialize. The dogs socialization deteriorates further and the likelihood of them fighting when they see another dog increases.

Resolving this problem in the course of everyday life is very difficult. Dr. Dunbar demonstrates how to use a Growl Class to classically condition dogs and rehabilitate and re-socialize them to once again enjoy the company of other dogs.

This online workshop consists of six hours of pre-recorded video. It has been approved for 6 continued education credits by the CCPDT, IAABC & NADOI. You can download a certificate of achievement when you've completed this course.

Course curriculum

    1. Thanks for registering for this course

    2. Overview

    3. Fight History Quesionnaire

    1. Growl Class – Video Notes

    2. Video 1 – How did we get here, and how are we going to fix it?

    3. Video 2 – Building Muscle Memory

    4. Video 3 – Building Your Dog's Confidence Around Other Dogs

    5. Video 4 – Understanding Representative Feedback & Maintaining Bite Inhibition (Group 2 Returns)

    6. Video 5 – Correcting Unwanted Behavior and More

    7. Video 6 – Learning the Jolly Routine

    8. Video 7 – Follow Up Training and Equipment Questions

    9. Video 8 – Q & A and 1st Group Returns

    10. Video 9 – Behavior Pacifiers and Off Leash Walking

    11. Video 10 – More Jolly Routine and Settling (Group 2 Returns)

    12. Video 11 – Capturing, Constructive Commands, and Go Tos

    13. Video 12 – More Q & A

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