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Train Your Dog to Walk Calmly on a Loose Leash

Take your time so you can avoid reinforcing unwanted behaviors

If you can't get your dog to follow you around your house or your backyard, you're not ready to take them for a walk in the real world, which is filled with unpredictable, uncontrollable distractions and stimuli.

Start by practicing at home:
1. Follow Off-Leash
2. Heel Off-Leash
3. Heel On-Leash
4 Walk On Leash

Once you can get your dog to walk through your home on a loose-leash, you're ready to go out the front door. As soon as you do, you'll want to stop, wait, and watch. 
Give your dog time to take in the environment. Can you still get your dog's attention? Will your dog still Sit or Heel attentively? If not, don't go any further out into the world. Stay put until your dog has acclimated enough that they will listen to you again.

When you go out into the real world, practice:
1. Right outside your front door
2. Back and forth in front of your home
3. Walk around your block
4. Gradually start venturing out further

Make a special effort to practice greetings and desensitize your dog to exciting experiences in a controlled way by enlisting the help of friends so you can repeat the encounters until you are able to control your dog. With each repetition, the experience will get less and less exciting.

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