Course curriculum

    1. Top Dog Academy Members Interview Dr. Dunbar

    2. Aaron Garcia Interview Ian about Public Awareness, Reactivity, Other Trainers

    3. Dr. Stacey Shore Interviews Ian about Consulting Advice, His Most Difficult Behavior Case and Most Common Issues.

    4. Maray and John Betke Interviews Ian about Slow Feeding, Feeding from Kongs, and the Risk of Bloat

    5. Mark Buell Interviews Ian about Innate Breed Behaviors

    6. Maggie Hays Interviews Ian about Overlooked Principles, "A-HA!" Moments, and Advice for Adopting a Dog from a Shelter.

    7. Sonic Dogness Art Project with Olivia & Annette

    8. Atlas Linguae Podcast - The Language of Animals

    1. 1. How and why to run a puppy class?

    2. 2. The Secret Life of Pets

    3. 3. Ian's New Dog? Competitive Obedience

    4. 4. Food in Training: Brives vs Lures vs Rewards

    5. Science Based Standards of Practice (Facebook Live Recording)

    1. 1. Ian's Childhood

    2. 2. The College Years

    3. 3. Mr. Brinklow and the Magic of Observation

    4. 4. How did Ian become a dog trainer?

    5. Stress in Dog Training (Facebook Live Recording)

    6. The Bozo Game / How to answer difficult questions from dog owners (Facebook Live Recording)

About this course

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  • 19 lessons
  • 8 hours of video content