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    1. Welcome to the Top Dog Academy Mailbag

    1. Table of Contents - Original Order

    2. Table of Contents - By Topic

    3. #1- Ian: How do I ask a good dog training question?

    4. #2- Kathleen: How do I get my dog to come when I call him?

    5. #3- Ian G: How do I get my dog to heel reliably without treats?

    6. #4- Debbie: How do I stop my dog from humping visitors legs?

    7. #5- Norma: How do I stop my dog from jumping up?

    8. #6- Ian G: How do I stop my dog from nipping guests?

    9. #7- Caryn: How do I train a dog to take food gently?

    10. #8- Gloria: How do I deal with toilet training and crate training problems?

    11. #9- Anita: How do I stop my very strong dog from pulling on leash?

    12. #10- Sharon: When and how do I correct my dog when he plays inappropriately?

    13. #11- Nathalie: How do I train my dog to return the toys I throw for them?

    14. #12- Andy: I'm having trouble teaching my puppy bite inhibition

    15. #13- Margie: How can I help my young dog overcome his fear of strangers?

    16. #14- Deb W: How to convince vets to let pups socialize sooner?

    17. #15- Francoise: How would Ian teach loose-leash walking, on a long line (17- to 23-foot line)?

    18. #16- How would you train a deaf dog?

    19. #17- Caroline: How do I stop my dog from resource guarding something like toilet paper?

    20. #18- Sharon: How do I correct bad behavior during play with other dogs?

    21. #19- Kerry: How to introduce a new dog to your home with exsisting dogs?

    22. #20- Marjaan: Why Dominance Training methods don't work (Simplified)

    23. #21- Amelia: How do I stop my little dog from biting my shoes/ankles/legs when he is over-stimulated?

    24. #22- Nathalie: How can I stop my dog from trying to chase and nip people (and especially kids) so I can walk her off-leash?

    25. #23- Elaine: How do I stop my dog biting the delivery man?

    26. #24- Gregory: How do I help my dog with Thunderphobia (Loud Noises)

    27. #25- Daphne: How can I stop my dog from scratching the door when she wants to go out?

    28. #26- Coreen: My puppy has started howling when I crate or pen her, not sure why, how do I stop it?

    29. #27- Simon: How do I get my high energy Portuguese Water Dog to settle down?

    30. #28- Barbara: My 15 month old Lab mix has started growling should I be concerend and how do I stop it?

    31. #29- Jennifer: My clients dog is peeing on its bed, how to stop that?

    32. #30- Calina: Should I give my dog a designated stuffed dog to hump?

    33. #31- Michelle B: How can I teach my 12 week old puppy to wait patiently while I prepare her food rather than barking her head off at me?

    34. #32- Nicki H: How can I get my dog to settle down quietly for more of the day?

    35. #33- Kristina S: What are your thoughts on BAT (Behaviour Adjustment Training)?

    36. #34- Alicia M: How do I train my dog to not chase farm animals?

    37. #35- Destini: How do I stop my 4-month old puppy from lunging at my face while cuddling?

    38. #36- Jamie: What are the 12 (13!) Subliminal Bite Stimuli and why are they important to know about?

    39. #37- Carleen: 11month old miniature poodle who reacts to animals and children on the television.

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