Adopting a behavior program enables pet stores to:

  1. Help owners help their dogs;
  2. Attract more customers;
  3. Sell more customers more products;
  4. Prevent customer attrition; and
  5. Create a passive income.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome

    2. Earn Passive Income as a Dunbar Academy Affiliate

    3. Distribute Documents that Promote Your Store and Earn Revenue

    4. Tell Your Customers about the Free Courses on Dunbar Academy

    5. Customize Dunbar Academy Links with Your Unique Affiliate Code

    6. Preventing Customer Attrition

    7. Puppy/Dog Products: Instructions for Use

    1. 2 Free eBooks for you to share with your clients

    2. BEFORE You Get Your Puppy 2023

    3. AFTER You Get Your Puppy 2023

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