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These videos are meant to provide quick and effective training concepts that you can easily start using today to improve your dog's behavior.

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DITCH THE DISH – Get Rid of the Food Bowl and Resolve your Dogs Behavior Problems

JUST STUFF IT – Food Stuffed Chew Toys, The Easiest and Most Effective Tool for Training

SUPERFOOD – Improve Your Dogs Health and Behavior Through Food

HANDCRAFTED – Using your hands to effectively train your dog

The Gift of Gab – Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Training by Talking to your Dog!

KEYS TO THE KINGDOM – Get Your Dog to Listen WITHOUT Using Food!

RAISE THE BAR – How to Ensure Your Dog's Behavior is Always Improving

BABY STEPS – Make BIG Changes in Your Dogs Behavior a Little at a Time

NAME GAME – Using your Dogs Name to Achieve Extreme Reliability!

SUPER SIT – How One Simple Command Can Improve Your Dogs Quality of Life

WALK THIS WAY – Using Walks to Improve Dog Behavior and End Pulling on Leash!

POWERPACK – Using Socialization to Resolve Aggression, Reactivity and Fearfulness Problems

LET THE GAMES BEGIN! – Use Games to Make Your Dog Training More Fun and Effective!

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome

    2. Quick Tips

    1. AFTER You Get Your Puppy 2023

    2. BEFORE You Get Your Puppy 2023

    1. Housetraining Schedule

    2. Socialization Log

    3. Behavior Problems Flow Chart

    4. What is a Chewtoy?

    5. The Long Road to Super Sit

    6. The No Food Bowl Pledge

    7. Luring Sit, Stand & Down

    8. Classical Conditioning in Dog Training

    9. How to Use a Crate & Playpen

    1. Excessive Barking

    2. Cat Manners

    3. Destructive Chewing

    4. Dogs & Children

    5. Come-Sit-Down-Stay

    6. Digging Problems

    7. Fear of People

    8. Fighting with Dogs

    9. Home Alone

    10. Housetraining (Housesoiling)

    11. Hyperdog

    12. New Adult Dog

    13. New Puppy

    14. Puppy Biting

    15. Puppy Training

    16. Walking On Leash

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