Course curriculum

    1. E1: Dogs Live to Learn and Love

    2. E2: Train Your Dog – Save a Life

    3. E3: Oh Come, All Ye Faithful

    4. E4: Manners, Please!

    5. E5: Dogs Just Want to Have Fun

    6. A Note About Episode 6

    7. E6: Opposites Attract

    8. E7: Canine, "Heel" Thyself

    9. E8: Stay With Me

    10. E9: From a Distance

    11. E10: Live and Learn

    1. E1: Silence May Be Golden, But Patience is Platinum

    2. E2: My Dog Doesn't Know "Sit"

    3. E3: From a Distance

    4. E4: Motivation is Key

    5. E5: Catching More Flies

    6. E6: My Eyes are Here

    1. E1: D-O-G from A to Z

    2. E2: How Dogs Learn

    3. E3: More Praise

    4. E4: Beware, Dog Bites

    5. E5: Channel and Control

    6. E6: Just a Whisper

    1. E1: The Nose Knows

    2. E2: Arm Chair Dog Trainer

    3. E3: Puppy Play Time

    4. E4: Double Trouble

    5. E5: All or None

    6. E6: Walk The Line

    1. Episodes 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6: Off the Air

    2. E2: The Hand That Feeds

    1. E1: The Shape of Play

    2. E2: Grab and Go

    3. E4: Take it, Off

    4. E5: The Stand

    5. E6: A Stranger Calls

About this course

  • $100,000.00
  • 78 lessons
  • 14.5 hours of video content

Episodes of Dr. Ian Dunbar's popular television program that aired in the United Kingdom in the 80s. Some of the fashions may look a bit dated, and the resolution isn't the best but the dog training information is still as useful as it always was.

The only area where Ian's attitudes have evolved substantially is with corrections. When these videos were filmed, it was a very widely accepted practice to yell at dogs or jerk them by the leash to correct certain misbehavior. We have since come to realize that these sorts of physical corrections are largely ineffective and totally unnecessary. Now, we prefer to redirect the dog to the specific desirable behavior.