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This three-day seminar by world-renowned dog training expert Dr. Ian Dunbar is the product of a lifetime of studying dogs. This course brings together a wide variety of lessons learned from Dr. Dunbar's training as a veterinarian, a scientific researcher, an animal behaviorist, a professional dog trainer and a young boy growing up on an English farm.

This seminar will focus on many principles and methods that have been scientifically proven in the research lab, and then adapted for the real-world environment and the many constraints that exist when a family of novices trains a pet dog in their home.

And just because his methods are supported by science doesn't mean that they have no heart. In fact, Dr. Dunbar is quick to criticize techniques that ask trainers to behave like dispassionate laboratory robots. Instead, he believes that we as trainers need to utilize our strengths as humans: our intuition, our voice and our relationship with our dogs, in order to be the best trainers we can be. Then we can dispassionately measure and evaluate the results of our training, so we can scientifically determine whether or not our methods are effective. Whether you are a professional dog trainer, veterinary clinician, shelter worker, groomer, dog walker, or simply a pet owner who is interested in the science of dog training and behavior modification, this course will provide you with a wealth of exciting new ideas that you can immediately use to bring about positive change in your life with your dog. Dr. Dunbar was instrumental in the popularization of dog friendly training methods that are enjoyable for dogs and their owners, but also efficient and effective. You'll learn techniques that are perfectly appropriate for the whole family, and designed to produce well-behaved canine companions that are friendly and reliable. This course consists of 18+ hours worth of video lecture by Dr. Ian Dunbar, a set of accompanying notes and 2 eBooks: BEFORE You Get Your Puppy & AFTER You Get Your Puppy

Day 1 – We Continue to Waste Puppyhood
How to prevent the many behavior, training and temperament problems that are caused primarily in puppyhood yet are seldom manifested until adolescence and adulthood — housesoiling, destructive chewing, excessive barking, separation anxiety, fearfulness, dog-human and dog-dog aggression, hyperactivity, lack of attention and compliance.

Day 2 – Transcending Reinforcement Schedules, Going Way Beyond “Dominance" and Punishment and Rekindling the Relationship
How to use our voice to transcend laboratory-generated learning theory and revitalize the spirit and soul of dog training in this sterile quantum world of clicks and kibble and jerks and shocks.

Day 3 – Off-leash Verbal Control with Distance and Distractions; Phasing out Food Lures and Rewards and Naturally Motivating your Dog to Perform Quickly, Reliably and Willingly
The quickest and easiest way to teach reliable, off-leash verbal control at a distance, with distractions and without the continued use of training aids

This online course has been approved for 18 CEUs by the CCPDT, IAABC & NADOI

Course curriculum

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