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Dr. Dunbar taught the world's very first off-leash puppy socialization and training classes and he has been perfecting the SIRIUS Dog Training business model for the past 30 years. If you are a dog training professional, or you're thinking of becoming one, this is the course you simply must take.

The SIRIUS Academy is a structured and comprehensive course on how to run a successful dog training business. This course cuts to the chase and focuses on the essential information that you absolutely need to know in order to effectively teach people to train dogs as quickly, easily and enjoyably as possible.The full Academy consists of all 4 days of lecture, 6+ hours each, as well as substantial notes, including notes for the lectures, a Behavior Problem Solving Matrix, and the complete SIRIUS Syllabi for Puppy 1, Puppy 2, and Adult 1 classes, with week-by-week-schedules and minute-by-minute class notes. You will also get two free eBooks and 16 Behavior Blueprints which you can customize with your business information and distribute freely to clients and colleagues to aid in training and promotion.

  • You will learn to manage and promote a dog training business.
  • You will learn to use games and quantification to train and motivate people to train their dogs.
  • You will learn to solve a wide variety of dog behavior problems, using the Behavior Problem Solving Matrix
  • You will learn how to conduct dog training classes for puppies and adult dogs.
  • You will learn to assess the severity of dog biting and fighting, and how to safely devise treatment and management plan.

This online course has been approved for 21 CEUs by the CCPDT, IAABC & NADOI

What People are Saying

“Whether you're new to dog training and wondering how to get started in the business, or you've been doing it for ages (like me) and you're looking for some fresh ideas to super-charge your business, this is the very best place to get what you need. I found myself taking detailed notes for some long-term changes, and then also jotting down little nuggets of gold to go home and immediately implement into my classes or business practices…This four-day event, and yes, you MUST attend all four days, offers the attendee who already has some hands-on experience with dogs everything they need to start up their own classes. Those of us who've already been running our own classes come away with many new ideas for classroom games and exercises for both puppies and adult dogs, PLUS a comprehensive, tested plan to measure and increase our success, and to market ourselves (which we could all use help with).I am so excited to make some changes! Thanks so much for everything!”

Michelle D. (Past President of the APDT)

“AMAZING! This training is an amazing resource for beginning trainers and veteran trainers alike. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it!”

Alicia M.

“Fantastic course, lots of knowledge! Everything you could need to hold your own puppy classes of at home lessons for dogs a bit out of control in classes. Great course. ”

Jacqueline C.

“4-Day Seminar WOW!!!! I have learned so much. Validated what I have been doing right, and most importantly, taught this old dog a lot of new tricks. Thank You ”

Rick W.

Take your dog training business to the next level

Tips and tricks to help dog trainers make their businesses more successful and profitable

Course curriculum

    1. Thanks for registering for this course

    2. Slides

    1. Day 1 Overview

    2. Lecture Notes for SIRIUS Academy 1

    3. Notes for Video 1-1

    4. Video 1.1 Pet Dog Training = People Training

    5. Notes for Video 1-2

    6. Video 1.2 Formulas for Business Success

    7. Notes for Video 1-3

    8. Video 1.3 Promotion: What it's All About!

    9. Notes for Video 1-4

    10. Video 1.4 Training People to Train Their Dogs

    11. Notes for Video 1.5

    12. Video 1.5 The Fork in the Road & The Bozo Game

    13. Notes for Video 1-6

    14. Video 1.6 Use the Force

    15. Bonus Content: (Recorded) Q+A Webinar on Promotion, Community Outreach and Networking

    1. Lecture Notes - Day 2

    2. Notes for Video 2-1

    3. 2-1 The 6 "Es" of Training

    4. Notes for Video 2-2

    5. 2-2 The 5 Reward-Based Training Techniques

    6. Notes for Video 2-3

    7. 2-3 Classical Conditioning and Repetitive Reinstruction

    8. Notes for Video 2-4

    9. 2-4 Dealing with Misbehavior

    10. Notes for Video 2-5

    11. 2-5 Objectivity and Quantification

    12. Notes for Video 2-6

    13. 2-6 The Behavior Problem Matrix

    1. Lecture Notes - Day 3

    2. Notes for Video 3-1

    3. 3-1 Adult Dog Training Classes

    4. Notes for Video 3-2

    5. 3-2 Jazz Up & Settle Down

    6. Notes for Video 3-3

    7. 3-3 Reward Train for Good Behavior

    8. Notes for Video 3-4

    9. 3-4 Lure Reward Training

    10. Notes for Video 3-5

    11. 3-5 Super Sit, Heeling, Stays

    12. Notes for Video 3-6

    13. 3-6 Reactivity and Aggression

    1. Lecture Notes - Day 4

    2. Notes for Video 4-1

    3. Video 4.1 Unleashing Puppy Potential

    4. Notes for Video 4-2

    5. Video 4.2 Ouch! Teaching Bite Inhibition

    6. Notes for Video 4-3

    7. Video 4.3 The Essential Puppy Class I and II

    8. Notes for Video 4-4

    9. Video 4.4 Triage to Compliance

    10. Notes for Video 4-5

    11. Video 4.5 Bungee Basics

    12. Notes for Video 4-6

    13. Video 4.6 Desensitization and Discrimination

    1. BEFORE You Get Your Puppy 2023

    2. AFTER You Get Your Puppy 2023

    3. Cat Manners

    4. Come Sit Down Stay

    5. Destructive Chewing

    6. Digging Problems

    7. Dogs and Children

    8. Excessive Barking

    9. Fear of People

    10. Fighting with Dogs

    11. Home Alone

    12. Housetraining

    13. Hyperdog

    14. New Adult

    15. New Puppy

    16. Puppy Biting

    17. Puppy Training

    18. Walking on Leash

About this course

  • $300.00
  • 87 lessons
  • 37.5 hours of video content