A working knowledge of applied animal behavior is highly advantageous for veterinary practitioners. Not only can simple training procedures make practice easier, quicker and more enjoyable but proactive behavior and training advice can substantially improve the quality of life for dogs, their owners and clinic personnel. New puppy owners must know how to raise and train a puppy. To facilitate new puppy owner education, the SIRIUS® Veterinary Behavior Program provides practitioners with free, handy, comprehensive educational materials to distribute to clients. 

For more in-depth information, please check out our online course: Practical Behavior information for Veterinary Practitioners .

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome

    2. Table of Contents

    3. Introduction

    1. A Puppy's First Visit

    2. An Adult Dog’s First Visit

    3. Safe Socialization with People

    4. Errorless Housetraining

    5. Chewtoy-Training

    6. Separation Anxiety vs. Separation Fun

    7. Lure/Reward Training

    8. Bite Inhibition

    9. Reactivity vs. Danger

    10. Subliminal Bite Triggers

    11. Neonatal Handling

    12. Environmental Enrichment Changes Neuroanatomy

    1. Free flyers for your New Puppy Packets

    2. New Puppy Shopping List (Perfect for New Puppy Packets)

    3. Free eBooks and Behavior Blueprints for Your Clients

    4. BEFORE You Get Your Puppy 2023

    5. AFTER You Get Your Puppy 2023

    6. Barking - Behavior Blueprint

    7. Cat Manners - Behavior Blueprint

    8. Chewing - Behavior Blueprint

    9. Children - Behavior Blueprint

    10. Come Sit Down Stay - Behavior Blueprint

    11. Digging - Behavior Blueprint

    12. Fear of People - Behavior Blueprint

    13. Fighting - Behavior Blueprint

    14. Home Alone - Behavior Blueprint

    15. Housesoiling - Behavior Blueprint

    16. Hyperdog - Behavior Blueprint

    17. New Adult Dog - Behavior Blueprint

    18. New Puppy - Behavior Blueprint

    19. Puppy Biting - Behavior Blueprint

    20. Puppy Training - Behavior Blueprint

    21. Walking On-Leash - Behavior Blueprint

    1. Well Done!

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