Become an affiliate and you'll receive 50% of all revenue from any new student you send to Dunbar Academy.


It's incredibly easy to get started, simply create a free account here on Dunbar Academy and then email us at to let us know you would like to become an Affiliate. Within a few days, we will enable your account so that you'll have access to the Affiliate section of this website, where you can find your unique 6-digit affiliate code and links. 

When anyone uses one of your unique links for their first visit to our website that student becomes connected to your affiliate account. If they create an account on Dunbar Academy within 30 days of that first visit, that connection becomes permanent and all subscriptions and purchases they make will count towards your earnings. 

If, for example, one of your referred students joins the Top Dog Academy, you'll earn $10/month as long as they are as an active subscriber.


Getting people to join the Top Dog Academy is very easy with our 1-Month Free Trial Offer. Simply replace the 6-digit code (a7c7f9) at the end of the URL below with your unique 6-digit code and then share it with others.

Anyone who clicks your new link will be able to sign up for their first month of the Top Dog Academy for free. They will be required to enter a credit card to start their free trial but they will not be charged anything until one month later, at which point they will be charged $20/month until they cancel, which they can do at any time.

So long as they maintain their membership you will earn $10/month!


This program is particularly powerful if you have a dog-related business. If you have any sort of customer base, following or mailing list of doggy people, you can offer them a free month of the Top Dog Academy as a complimentary gift from your company. Add a little testimonial about why dog training is so important for their dog's quality of life, and how much you love the Top Dog Academy and watch the commissions start rolling in!

If you are a dog trainer, this can be the perfect complement to your hands-on training with clients. If you're another sort of dog professional, this free gift can generate lots of goodwill and dramatically improve the quality of life for your clients, both canine and human!

And of course, if the dogs that you work with are well-trained because their owners have access to good training materials, it will make working with those dogs much easier and more enjoyable.


Paypal is required. Our credit card processor takes a small percentage but the remaining net revenue is split 50-50 between yourself and Dunbar Academy. Pay-outs will be made via PayPal quarterly, at the beginning of January, April, July & October. Pay-outs will include revenue from all payments that are at least 30 days old, which gives customers the opportunity to request a refund in the first 30 days after they make a purchase. Pay-outs will be sent, via PayPal, to the email address associated with your Dunbar Academy account, unless you tell us otherwise.

If you have any questions, please email us at