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The Behavior Problems Flow Chart
The Illustrated Behavior Problems Flow Chart
All the most common dog behavior problems (and solutions) on one printable page! We've made two version of this document. The original is entirely text and provides a little more detail, and the newer, illustrated version has drawings!

Better than a Bowl

There are so many wonderful things you can teach your dog with their food. But not if you put it in a bowl.

How to Use Classical Conditioning

Train your dog to feel good about almost any stimulus.

Step by Step to a Super Sit

Train your dog to Sit on cue, reliably and promptly, at a distance and around distractions, and you can resolve a whole lot of dog behavior problems!

Predict and Prevent Dog Bites

Dogs bite people when they feel threatened and these are the most common triggers. 

Raw Using Raw Food in Training

Don't let your dog's diet stop you from using your dog's food in training.

More coming soon!