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Join the Top Dog Academy now, with a 1-month free trial and you'll get instant access to ALL of our online courses PLUS you'll also get 5 days of personalized support from the Dunbars so you can get answers and advice about all your dog training questions.

We'll help you troubleshoot your training and overcome whatever obstacles are holding you back so you can start seeing progress in your dog's behavior.

The Top Dog Academy includes EVERYTHING you need to know to train your dog:

Including over $1,500 worth of dog training content:

  • 100s of Hours of Dog Training Videos
  • Online Courses, Seminars, Workshops, Lectures, and Webinars
  • Ebooks, Audiobooks, and Podcasts
  • Downloadable Documents, Checklists, Flow Charts, and Action Guides

And if you join NOW, you'll also get access to 5 Days of Personalized Support from the Dunbars:

Between March 20-24 the Dunbars will be providing personalized answers and advice to all Top Dog Academy members in the following ways: 

  • Two Live Q+A sessions (Date + Time TBD) where Ian and Jamie will answer questions in real time.
  • Exclusive Top Dogs Facebook Group where you can post questions, photos, and videos to get answers and feedback from the Dunbars.
  • Email Support. We will reply to all emails we receive from Top Dog Academy members between March 20-24.

This sort of personalized guidance is priceless. The Dunbars are one of the most widely respected names in the world of dog training and their advice is widely sought after worldwide!

This is an amazing opportunity to get access to all the information and  personalized support you need to train your dog and resolve any behavior problems or dog training issues you have.

Or, if you are already happy with your dog's behavior, this is a great chance to take their training to the next level, with tips, tricks, and games to improve relationship and reliability!

Either way, we're here to help.

There has never been a better time to train your dog!

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Please Note:

The Top Dog Academy is a subscription which automatically renews at $20 each month until you cancel. It is easy to cancel your subscription at any time, simply by emailing us or following the instructions on this page. 

We are unable to offer personalized advice about dangerous dog aggression cases. If a dog has bitten a person or another dog hard enough to cause a significant injury, we cannot provide personalized guidance because we cannot evaluate the dog, family, and home properly. If you are dealing with a dog that has caused a serious injury, you really need one-on-one assistance from a professional dog trainer who can evaluate and work with you and the dog in-person.

What's Included

The Top Dog Academy subscription gets you instant access to 100s of hours of dog training videos, ebooks, podcasts, worksheets and periodic live webinars and Q+A Sessions giving you a chance to ask the Dunbars your dog training questions directly as well as Access to our Exclusive Facebook Group where you can get answers and advice from other like minded members and professional dog trainers.

  • 100s of hours of Dog Training Videos and 13 hours of dog training podcasts

  • Dozens of Recorded Seminars and Workshops as well as multiple Dog Training Handouts and Worksheets

  • Access to our Exclusive Facebook Group where you can get answers and advice from other members, professional dog trainers, and the Dunbars

  • Periodic Live Webinars and Q+A Sessions provide you with a chance to ask the Dunbars your dog behavior and training questions in real time

Multiple Generations of Dog Training Experts

Dr. Ian Dunbar is one of the world's most respected experts on dog training and behavior, with a veterinary degree from London University and a doctorate from the University of California, Berkeley. In 1982, he designed and taught the world's very first off-leash puppy socialization and training classes – SIRIUS® Puppy Training – and revolutionized the world of pet dog training. He founded the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, the world's largest association of dog trainers, has authored numerous books and videos,  has given over one thousand seminars and workshops around the world and has trained thousands of dogs. He has been instrumental in the rise of reward-based, fun and games, scientifically-sound dog training methods.

Kelly Dunbar has spent her life training dogs, beginning in Chicago where she founded her own dog behavior counseling service, then in Los Angeles at the SPCALA's Outreach Department. Kelly co-founded Dog Star Daily with Ian, a website filled with free dog training information and resources, and she also started a non-profit called Open Paw that created and promoted resources for dog shelters. Kelly is the lead instructor and the director of curricula at SIRIUS Puppy Training and Dunbar Academy.

Jamie Dunbar is Ian's son, and he initially joined the family business as a cameraman and video editor, but his role has since expanded to encompass a wide variety of responsibilities, including marketing, advertising, graphic design and writing. Jamie is an expert at taking complicated ideas and making them simple and accessible to novices, which is something he also enjoys doing in the form of his illustrated books for children.

Our Methods are Easy, Effective, and Enjoyable!

We evaluate all dog training techniques based on three main criteria: 1- Are they Easy? 2- Are they Effective? 3- Are they Enjoyable?

  • Easy. Our methods are so simple you don't need experience or special skills. Anyone can use our dog training methods.

  • Effective. Our methods are science-based so you'll see measurable progress immediately.

  • Enjoyable. Our methods are so much fun to use that you and your dog will both love training together!

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What people are saying

“I am a long-time reasonably savvy dog owner, and I have read a lot of books on dog behavior and training, but Dunbar Academy is the single most valuable resource I have found - a one-stop treasure trove of information, wisdom and experience. My biggest regret is that I didn’t know all this before I bought my GSD.”

David V.

“AMAZING! This training is an amazing resource for beginning trainers and veteran trainers alike. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it! ”

Alicia M.

“All of the information here and within Top Dog Academy is just absolutely epic, if I had the focus and time availability I'd learn from your website 24 hours a day! I wish I'd found it earlier in my life but I'm certainly going to make the most of it now. Everything you say makes so much sense, with the perfect level of explanation, terminology and instruction being used, along with humor to make you smile. This learning is giving me the confidence and answers that I've sought for so long...”

Melanie V.

“I am so glad I discovered Dunbar Academy. I have learned so much and now feel confident in training my dogs. Lots of great information!”

Beverlie H.

“This course is phenomenal. I came across this incredible course when my pooch turned 5 months, and wish I had known of it before. I had taken him to puppy classes, yet this would have been immensely beneficial. However, it’s been brilliant and I am so glad I have it now, and using it as it is enlightening and helping me in numerous ways. ”

Claudia S.

“Amazingly helpful! What a gift this course and training are to the world and to our pets. Thank you for your life's work, Ian. ”

Susan S.

“Dr. Dunbar is an endless wealth of knowledge about dogs, their behavior, and how to manage the behavior of their humans! Great resource for dog trainers or dog owners wanting to get more out of their relationship with their dog.”

Celia S.

“The Most Comprehensive Dog Training Program! This program was well thought out, thorough and provided meticulous instruction and direction! I learned so much!! 🐶👍🐶👍🐶”

Caroline Y.

“I absolutely love you guys. I am super excited and I have learned so much from your courses. I am finding so much helpful information. Thank you so much for making this affordable. I may be a lifetime member. Thank you again. Keep doing what you are doing. ”

Carrie V.

Our Methods Will Work For YOU! 

"But What if..."

  • My dog is too old, too young, too stubborn, too smart, the wrong breed.

    Our methods work for any dog, any age, any breed, regardless of prior training and habits.

  • I don't have dog training skill or experience.

    Our methods are simple and easy to use. You can be lazy, you can be inconsistent and you can still train your dog.

  • I don't have the time to train my dog.

    Our methods will save you time. Think of the time you waste dealing with your dog's behavior problems. Some of our training techniques can produce significant improvements in just a single training session.

  • I don't want to hurt or scare my dog.

    Our methods are enjoyable for you and your dog. We use rewards to reinforce good behavior and redirection to correct the behaviors we don't like.

  • I want my dog to respect me.

    Our methods will allow you to communicate with your dog, teaching and enforcing rules so they understand how to behave and who is the boss. (You!)

  • My dog isn't food motivated.

    Our methods will allow you to train your dog to become food motivated while also harnessing the power of other, far more powerful types of lures and rewards that you can use in training.

Still Not Sure?

We get it. This sounds too good to be true. Who wouldn't want to teach their dog to listen and follow instructions reliably and promptly? Who wouldn't want to train their dog to be more at comfortable in all situations? Who wouldn't want a dog that is happy to settle down alone, quietly for long stretches? Who wouldn't want to use training methods that are easy AND enjoyable?

But it is true AND you don't have to take our word for it. Sign up for this free trial and you'll have one month to check the Top Dog Academy out for yourself.

In one-month, you'll be amazed at how much progress you can make when you have access to the right dog training techniques.

What are you waiting for?

You won't find a better opportunity to get access to this level of world-class dog training info or support for FREE. But this offer won't last long...


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is the Top Dog Academy for?

    The Top Dog Academy is for anyone who has a dog, anyone who is thinking about getting a dog, or anyone who works with dogs. You don't need to have any previous experience with training dogs. This course is for you whether you are struggling with behavior problems or simply looking to take your dog's training to the next level.

  • How long do I get access to the content?

    You will have access to the content so long as you are actively subscribed. You will need a good internet connection to watch the videos.

  • Is it possible to download any of the content?

    Most of the content is only accessible on our website, while you have an active subscription, but there are some ebooks and audio files that you can download and save to your computer or mobile device.

  • Do you offer an annual subscription?

    Yes, we offer an Annual Subscription to the Top Dog Academy that will allow you to save $90 over the course of a year. There is no free trial available on the Annual Subscription. To find it, you'll need to go to the Dunbar Academy homepage and click on the link to the regular Top Dog Academy page. You'll find the Annual Subscription link near the top of the regular Top Dog Academy page.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    When it comes to the Top Dog Academy, we only accept credit cards. We do accept PayPal for a la carte courses, but at this time we are unable to accept PayPal for any subscriptions.